About me

"Equine Psychic, Equine Reiki Master* and Animal Care Specialist, with recognised qualifications in Animal Care, Behaviour, Equine Care & Management and First Aid.

A true animal lover and veganⓋ who feels deep compassion for all animals and dedicates time on a voluntary basis, through campaigning, to help them.

Endeavouring to make a positive difference."    

~ Keeley Dixon

*Also qualified to give Reiki to other animals and people.


"Wow! I had a reading for my mare - it was really helpful and so detailed, she really connected with her. I will definitely be using this service again. Thank you so much."
Katie,   North Yorkshire ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"Thank you very much for the readings on my two horses. They perfectly captured their individual characters and provided so much accurate information about them that you simply could not have known. The readings were a great help to me at a difficult time and your insightful responses were very kind and helpful."
Ruth,  North Yorkshire ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"I'm usually quite skeptical of things like this, but the results of my Equine Psychic Insights Reading mean the world to me. The reading revealed specific things that no one but I could know. I would definitely get back in touch to get a reading done for any of my future horses, as the insight provided is priceless!"
Sarita,  County Durham ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"I've read it and re-read it a ridiculous amount of times and it's made me cry each time. Your reading was more than amazing and I can't thank you enough. I wish I could hear him just like you have done."
Amy,  County Durham ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"Wow wow wow!! Jackson's reading is wonderful, thank you so much. You are spot on in every area. We really can't thank you enough and will most definitely give him a massive hug from you...we've been blown away by our readings and telling everyone."
Lisa,  Surrey ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"Just amazed. She told me things that she couldn't possibly have known, that weren't posted online, something I didn't even know before she told me, but was true! She confirmed an issue Katrina has, that only I knew. She said Katrina had asked me to do some things & I intend to do them! So impressed, really pleased."
Alanna,  South Yorkshire ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"What a wonderful reading, thank you so much!! What you've said is so 'her' in the way that I know her. I'm going to let friends know about you, am very impressed, thank you."
Nicola,  Scottish Borders ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"Can recommend Keeley, she helped me a lot with one of my horses."
Eleonore,  Germany ~ Equine Reiki & Equine Psychic Insights

"Thank you so much, so spot on with everything."
Vicky,  Surrey ~ Equine Psychic Insights

"Keeley has looked after my two Alaskan Malamutes for over two years. An absolute star; reliable, professional, caring & friendly. Keeley loves my boys as if they were her own, this is reflected in the love they show for her. I cannot recommend Keeley enough & am gutted that we've moved out of the area. We will all miss her."
Rosemary,   Bedfordshire

"Our biggest concern before getting our puppy was having enough time with our jobs, to make sure he grew up well rounded, happy & settled. Your service totally took our concerns away. We owe a lot to your care and input. We'd happily recommend you as the only service to use. 10/10 exceptional."
Cheryl,   Bedfordshire

"I am very happy with the service that you provide & most importantly I know that my cat is in very safe hands! Thank you for all your support."
Janet,   Bedfordshire

"Keeley provides an excellent premium service, is extremely professional and clearly loves animals. My cat in return responded to her the most out of all the sitters I interviewed (and I interviewed a lot!!). I would not hesitate in recommending Keeley, I am really pleased to have found her service."
Hazel,   Bedfordshire

"I would highly recommend Keeley's Pet Service. She truly has my pets best interest at heart, providing regular updates whilst I am away, so I know my cat is happy and healthy."
Neil,   Bedfordshire

"Knowing Keeley was taking care of our pets, allowed us to relax & enjoy ourselves, confident they were well looked after. We are very happy to recommend her service."
Carla,   Bedfordshire

"Exceptional service 10/10 would highly recommend."
Karen,   Bedfordshire

"Absolutely excellent service, prompt, friendly & obliging. Will definitely use again & again, thank you."
Anon,   Bedfordshire